If you want to be a professional hair stylist and have a strong interest and enthusiasm for hairdressing, our courses are completely prepared for you, giving you all the basic qualifications.

In the course, you will experience yourself in a simulated studio, and the most realistic models will be used for practice. So, you will get used to the environment and overcome customer service problems on site.

Professionalism, a positive attitude and attitude have brought us a passion that never stops learning. The specific professional foundation allows us to succeed.

We believe that this is the starting point for developing your hairdressing industry skills and the new challenges to the hairdressing industry.

Course contains value (RM1000) hairdressing props

8 months hairdressing course (6 months college internship + 2 months hair salon internship)
– 1 course & 11 subjects & 93 learning content

*In order to ensure the quality of learning, there are not many open places per month. First come first served

There is also a personal makeup class that takes only two days to learn to organize your image. Change your destiny (welcome to ask)

Modern hair salons are no longer operated in the traditional way. They all operate in a business model. In addition to service charges, they can move to a high-end route. The right business model can make the industry go very far and thrive. Aside from the skill, never starve to death. Follow the company and go to the future. Perfect education system, work direction, from the lowest to the highest entrepreneurship as the boss. We offer a complete standard system from junior designers, senior designers, store managers, managers, and partnership owners. We believe that the team is the power to join hands to build the future.

Join your “lifestyle” with a professional desire for hairdressing skills! 

Start your hair life journey together

FIFTY PERCENT Goals and Mission

In order to promote and prove that hair styling is a profession that combines artistic and technical skills, in addition, it is a corresponding and future career. Presentation and manipulation of a new generation of hair stylists with a positive attitude, culture, and hair styling career. Not only training, but also the right professional hair styling knowledge and skills to promote the art and culture of professional hair styling.

Hair stylists who encourage and motivate talents to help them discover their infinite creativity while also leading Malaysia into a new field.

Search and train a new generation of professional hair stylists to enhance the quality and progress of the Malaysian hairdressing industry.

There are future outlets – hair salon designers, behind-the-scenes designers, stylists before and after the magazine, exclusive designers, lecturers, teachers, entrepreneurs and bosses..









課程包含價值 (RM1000)美髮道具

1個課程 & 11科目& 93學習內容


另外還有提供個人化妝課程,只需要兩天學會整理自己形象。改變你的命運 (歡迎詢問)


對美髮技能充滿專業渴求的你加入我們的“生活方式”! 一起开启你的美髮人生之旅